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Dude, Looks Like a Hazy

Unfiltered and extra hazy New England IPA. We put all the dry hops in with the yeast to encourage extra cloudiness. Dude sure is hazy!!


American style Lager with a good dash of corn in the grain bill which makes for a very easy to drink lager. The added light dryhop gives it a slight citrusy nose

Strange Brew

Based on a Cream Lager recipe, Strange Brew is a very light, smooth and slightly hazy looking summer beer. Available now and we wan't wait for you to try it.


Trust is our first beer a Pale Ale at 4.5% ABV. We made a malt forward ale with a big hop character. Amber in colour with a toasted sourdough flavours. The aroma are big on spice and citrus that linger on the peach and marmelade.


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By Ben, 9th January 2018
We’re finally moving in
By Ben, 6th December 2017
Dalston Beer Day
By Ben, 14th September 2017
Dude looks like hazy
By Ben, 30th June 2017


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