Deviant & Dandy


Hotly tipped East London trio Deviant & Dandy are bringing fresh noise to the London brewing scene from their Hackney ex-garage with an exciting mashup of expert brewing and a fearless disregard for taking risks. Head brewer Darren Walker delivers master crafted recipes and has the kind of intense passion for making fantastic beer that you just can’t teach – a bona fide rockstar of the craft community.

Taking influence from the hard-hitting IPAs of the American West Coast, timeless European classics, and the contemporary madness of Scandinavian beer, the group prove they’re just as likely to honour tradition as they are to set fire to it and throw it out of a hotel window faster than you can say ‘Reinheitsgebot’.

Ever championing the symbiosis of music and beer, the team can often be found hosting DIY gigs out of the brewery warehouse, and regularly collaborate with New York hip-hop legends ‘Run The Jewels’ to produce beers which push against the boundaries of practicality and common sense, in pursuit of an almost anarchistic curiosity.

The Team

The Fixer
Despite having no previous experience of working in the craft beer industry, Ben grew up in Belgium and Germany, arguably two of the biggest beer heritage countries - so he has been exposed to quality beer his whole life. What a sad day it was when he first moved to England pre-craft beer boom. Although quality beer is now more available in the UK it is still time to fix that age old problem, and what better way to do it than to take matters in your own hands.

Ben is an avid marketer and creative having run a digital and branding agency working across music, film, tech as well as the food and drinks industries.

Head Brewer
Paul's plan one day is to move back to Limerick and open up his own brew pub. In the meantime he's perfecting his recipes with Deviant & Dandy and taking in on all the wackiness that comes with it. Before joining us this year (2018), Paul was heading up the innovation brewery at Camden Town Brewery.

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