Party Time!!

This is it!!! We’ve finally moved into our space in Hackney and have been building away for the last few months. Our kit arrived just before Xmas and we managed to brew there once before the end of the year. It’s going to be something new and special which we’re really excited for you to try and will introduce at our launch party.

That’s right it’s party time at Deviant & Dandy arches. Although we still got all sorts of things to get ready we want to invite you over to come and celebrate with us and have a peek at the brewery and taproom on January 26th.

There will be beer of course, lots of it and expect snacks, good vibes and an assortment of fellow deviants and dandy’s from across London.

Things will kick off at 7pm and go on until about midnight, so hope to see you all there.

HOW TO FIND US: We’re about 5min away from Hackney central station, just off Morning lane tucked away behind the big Tesco. Click here for a Google Maps link


We’re finally moving in

When about a year ago we were talking about starting a brewery we already had a very specific spot in Hackney eyed up. The plan at the time was to have our launch party at the beginning of July last summer.

Like many plans past and present though, that didn’t quite workout the way the way it was meant to. BUT, we’re now very excited to be able to announce we’ve finally got the keys to our own space.

Construction work has already started,  and our 10bbl kit which we got from Oban in Scotland is due to delivered in a few weeks time. Wahey!!!! It’s starting to feel a lot like x-mas and we can’t wait to get our mitts on our shiny oversized beer making machine. All things going well, we will have time to get one brew in before the end of the year.

Talking about beers, initially we’re going to focus on replenishing our stock of core range beers because we’re running really low. Then it will finally be time to start introducing some new beers, which you will be able to get first at our taproom. Watch this space for some hearty winter beers to pour down your gullet.

Speaking of taproom. That will open officially some time in the new year, but maybe sooner depending on how things go. We’ve also got a massive yard where we’re looking forward to hosting  hosting events and will be joined up by some of our Hackney friends to bring their most awesome food to enjoy with our beers. Plans are still loose for that, so get in touch if you think you’ve got something to bring to the table and reading this.

So where in Hackney is your brewery I hear you say? We’re going to be a few minutes walk from Hackney Central station on Nursery Road.  In good company too with the likes of Pressure Drop and St John of Hackney breweries just up the road.

That’s that for now and follow us on Instagram @deviantanddandy where we will be sharing the latest going-ons with opening the brewery

Dalston Beer Day

It’s Dalston Beer Day at the 40ft brewery’s yard again, and this time around we’ve been invited to join the party. We will be bringing kegs of all of our beers, the best vibes and maybe something a little special. Join us and a selection of other excellent breweries at this free celebration of beer.

For more info click here and check the Facebook event

Saturday, the 23rd of September from 12:00–21:00

Bootyard, Abbott Street, E8 3DP London, United Kingdom

List of breweries
40FT Brewery
Vibrant Forest
Lost and Grounded

Dude looks like hazy

“I’ve never met an interesting person in my life who doesn’t drink…”

once said Australian comedian Jim Jeffries on one his stand-ups. Although we’re not fans of absolute statements like that he’s certainly right in some respect. A large chunk of the most interesting conversations and encounters we’ve had have been at a bar over a couple of beers.

That is how our head Deviant Byron Knight and Anthony Painter met and eventually our NEIPA came to life. So how did this all come about ? Well, Byron owns a bar called Off Broadway in Hackney where Anthony came to to celebrate finishing writing the Barack Obama biography: ‘Barack Obama: The Movement for Change’.

Anthony is an economist, a writer but was also the labour candidate for the EU parliament unfortunately losing to those numpties at UKIP. But more interestingly to us he is also an avid and talented home brewer. Anthony joined Deviant & Dandy at our lager sensory panel a few months back and brought along a NEIPA he had recently brewed. He’d clearly been honing his skills because Byron loved it so much he decided to collaborate with him and use his recipe for our latest beer.

‘Dude looks like a hazy’ which is available now on tap is Deviant & Dandy’s take on NEIPAS using Anthony’s recipe. Watch the video below where Byron and Anthony discuss the NEIPA recipe and how it all came together.

Prost 🍻

Introducing Trust Pale Ale

So it has been about a month or so now, but the first offspring of the Deviant & Dandy family is out and Trust me it was a long hard labour to get to this Pale Ale.  Trust is a beer that is almost a year in the making, and you would have thought that we would have planned everything out when it came to finally brewing it. In true startup fashion though, nothing ever goes to plan. So we struggled a bit and had to hustle hard on a number things to get this one out of the blocks. 
First we had to source all the ingredients, and as you’ll see and hear if you watch the video with Byron below there’s quite a mix in there. No smooth sailing there, but we got there. Problem solved.

Then we had to shop around to find a printer that could deliver our labels in the spec our creative genius Adam Pobiak had in mind. We like shiny things and didn’t want to hide the metallic surface of the cans with our labels, so Adam put together designs that let the can shine through and become part of the artwork. We love the result, so the hassle was totally worth it.

Lastly, canning. Now while we’re fully committed to cans (for now), we could have made our lives much easier by packaging our beers in glass bottles. As mentioned in our previous blog post we are gypsy brewing at the moment with the guys at Enefeld Brewery, and they have a top notch bottling station right there for the picking. What were we thinking!!!

I guess you could say we don’t like making things easy for ourselves, but really it’s more about going ahead with our vision when we started – which is to focus on cans as a format, for reasons we might outline in an upcoming blog post.

But hey, we got there in the end and we hope you will like it too. Now I will stop my ramblings about our ‘struggle’ and leave it to Byron our head Deviant to tell you more about what’s gone into it and what to expect when you crack one open.


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