Drafthouse ‘The Queen Charlotte’ tap Takeover

22nd May 2018

Wednesday May 23rd we will be taking over the taps at Drafthouse Charlotte street starting from 6pm. It’s a good opportunity to sample a selection of our beers if the site of East London gives you shivers, and to meet Paul our new head brewer and the team. Beers on tap will be Steve, Trust, […]

‘Estate of Mind’ – Collaboration brew with Climpson and Sons

15th May 2018

London coffee festival is just about a month away now and in our haste we forgot to mention we collaborated with East London based coffee roasters Climspon and Sons for a special brew. We took their house blend of Ethiopian coffee beans, combined it with an American Cream Ale style beer with lactose and then nitro’d […]

Party Time!!

9th January 2018

This is it!!! We’ve finally moved into our space in Hackney and have been building away for the last few months. Our kit arrived just before Xmas and we managed to brew there once before the end of the year. It’s going to be something new and special which we’re really excited for you to […]

We’re finally moving in

6th December 2017

When about a year ago we were talking about starting a brewery we already had a very specific spot in Hackney eyed up. The plan at the time was to have our launch party at the beginning of July last summer. Like many plans past and present though, that didn’t quite workout the way the […]

Dalston Beer Day

14th September 2017

It’s Dalston Beer Day at the 40ft brewery’s yard again, and this time around we’ve been invited to join the party.

Dude looks like hazy

30th June 2017

“I’ve never met an interesting person in my life who doesn’t drink…” once said Australian comedian Jim Jeffries on one his stand-ups. Although we’re not fans of absolute statements like that he’s certainly right in some respect. A large chunk of the most interesting conversations and encounters we’ve had have been at a bar over […]

Help a Deviant Out, all about Byron

24th April 2017

Ya know you have a problem when you can’t ever accept status quo. Steady, reliable and more than anything ‘normal’. Welcome to the world as I think it should be: full of good cheer, tasty drinks, and great friends. I’m Byron the Head Deviant of Deviant and Dandy Brewery. We are putting this blog together to say what’s on our minds, to document the journey in getting our new brewery running, and to showcase some of the best in the craft F&B scene. F&B stands for food and beverage for those of you don’t know, but in this case ‘Faf & Booze’ the title of our blog.

Introducing Trust Pale Ale

23rd April 2017

Introducing Trust Pale Ale, the first beer to come out of our brewery

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