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Dude looks like hazy

June 30th, 2017

“I’ve never met an interesting person in my life who doesn’t drink…”

once said Australian comedian Jim Jeffries on one his stand-ups. Although we’re not fans of absolute statements like that he’s certainly right in some respect. A large chunk of the most interesting conversations and encounters we’ve had have been at a bar over a couple of beers.

That is how our head Deviant Byron Knight and Anthony Painter met and eventually our NEIPA came to life. So how did this all come about ? Well, Byron owns a bar called Off Broadway in Hackney where Anthony came to to celebrate finishing writing the Barack Obama biography: ‘Barack Obama: The Movement for Change’.

Anthony is an economist, a writer but was also the labour candidate for the EU parliament unfortunately losing to those numpties at UKIP. But more interestingly to us he is also an avid and talented home brewer. Anthony joined Deviant & Dandy at our lager sensory panel a few months back and brought along a NEIPA he had recently brewed. He’d clearly been honing his skills because Byron loved it so much he decided to collaborate with him and use his recipe for our latest beer.

‘Dude looks like a hazy’ which is available now on tap is Deviant & Dandy’s take on NEIPAS using Anthony’s recipe. Watch the video below where Byron and Anthony discuss the NEIPA recipe and how it all came together.

Prost 🍻

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