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April 24th, 2017

Ya know you have a problem when you can’t ever accept status quo. Steady, reliable and more than anything ‘normal’. Welcome to the world as I think it should be: full of good cheer, tasty drinks, and great friends. I’m Byron the Head Deviant of Deviant and Dandy Brewery. We are putting this blog together to say what’s on our minds, to document the journey in getting our new brewery running, and to showcase some of the best in the craft F&B scene. F&B stands for food and beverage for those of you don’t know, but in this case ‘Faf & Booze’ the title of our blog.

Firstly we should be a bit traditional and get to know each other first. The project that is bringing this blog to life is Deviant and Dandy Brewery. We look to join the already large family of independent craft brewers in London. We are currently looking for a space in East London and hope to buy a decent second hand brewery to call our own. But in the meantime we have been lucky enough to have some friends let us gypsy brew on brew houses in London. Starting with the amazing guys up at Enefeld Brewery on their 3200litre brew kit.

Why start a craft brewery? Well because I love the beer community. Firstly, I have been around the hospitality industry my whole working life and I find the beer community in the UK to be the must open and friendly group of people you can ever meet. Also other craft lovers and beer drinkers are a good bunch, you don’t need to have loads in common to strike up a conversation and enjoy a beer together. Secondly, you can never have enough good interesting beer to drink. Beer is fun to make and unlike wine (which I love too) it does not take years to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are still so many styles of beer to make and combinations to explore that it is hard not being tempted to keep pushing the boundaries and revive some history in a glass by brewing lost or neglected beer recipes.

So what’s going to be so special about your brewery? To be honest, absolutely nothing. Shit, the beer might be balls and the branding could be ‘el ka-ka po-po’. Well not really. But, I can promise it to be true to myself and make sure that I feel like everything we do is authentic and a true representation of who we at Deviant & Dandy really are. The thing I love about making beer is that it is completely subjective to a particular space and time. A beer that would blow your mind in a craft beer pub like Mother Kelly’s will leave you with a heart full of longing during a sweetie job moving house. What I want to do is try and encourage those special moments where every beer we’re brewing tastes perfect for that moment. When you’re with your peeps, having a great bit of street food or thoughtfully contemplating the meaning of belly button fluff. Deviant & Dandy wants to see beer drinking as a holistic event that involves lots of factors and the right beer to fully appreciate it. While I’m not the nicest guy in the world, I genuinely believe that there are very few bad beers and there is a time and place for everything. My first beer was a Miller High Life and when I lived in Manhattan. It was all about the cheap boiler makers at Yogi’s or a PBR at Wild Turkey Honey (or what ever vile booze they where trying to get rid of). So, I will seek out these two beers when I’m back in the USA because they have such fond memories for me. Is it Great beer / Is it not Great beer … does it matter? I have a very subjective relationship with them and the flavor brings me to a cool place. So, what Deviant & Dandy hopes to do is to be there and help facilitate those moments when one of our beers is the subjectively best beer in that space and time. Sounds impossible to deliver on,…. well not really. Our message will always be about finding a good space to experience or just chug our beers. Always choose good friends to meet with over a heady high ABV, have an exciting lifestyle that demands some light refreshing beer, or do nothing in complete confidence that you are being present whilst sipping from a can of craft by your self binging on Vice TV. Deviant & Dandy say drink in the moment and make every moment be full of love

What Evil are you ridding the world off with Deviant & Dandy? Well that is something that will change over time, but for the moment it is beer snobbery. Running with what I said in the last paragraph, almost all beers have value and merit. So we hope to expand the communities’ perception of beer, to not think that there is just one way to make an ale or lager. That not all adjuncts in beer are bad. To help expand what the definition of craft is. That crazy for crazy’s sake is ok in brewing and that a simple ‘mild bitter’ is also something to get excited about.

Beer can be like karaoke, each brewery gets on stage and sings along to a song. Good or Bad it’s interesting to watch.

Since brewers don’t make beer, yeast does, all we are trying to do is put our own special spin on something that has already been done before. So hopefully the punters in the bar clap after our rendition of ‘Dead or Alive’ (my favorite karaoke jam FYI) or what ever beer style we make with our special spin.

If your still reading then THANK YOU, for making it this far. I will try post stuff from myself and my friends so please keep checking back and subscribe to F&B. Life moves fast in the age of information overload, so thank you for giving me the gift of your time. If you think this is a decent blog then please, share it with your friends.

Cheers, Byron

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