Deviant & Dandy

Introducing Trust Pale Ale

April 23rd, 2017

So it has been about a month or so now, but the first offspring of the Deviant & Dandy family is out and Trust me it was a long hard labour to get to this Pale Ale.  Trust is a beer that is almost a year in the making, and you would have thought that we would have planned everything out when it came to finally brewing it. In true startup fashion though, nothing ever goes to plan. So we struggled a bit and had to hustle hard on a number things to get this one out of the blocks. 
First we had to source all the ingredients, and as you’ll see and hear if you watch the video with Byron below there’s quite a mix in there. No smooth sailing there, but we got there. Problem solved.

Then we had to shop around to find a printer that could deliver our labels in the spec our creative genius Adam Pobiak had in mind. We like shiny things and didn’t want to hide the metallic surface of the cans with our labels, so Adam put together designs that let the can shine through and become part of the artwork. We love the result, so the hassle was totally worth it.

Lastly, canning. Now while we’re fully committed to cans (for now), we could have made our lives much easier by packaging our beers in glass bottles. As mentioned in our previous blog post we are gypsy brewing at the moment with the guys at Enefeld Brewery, and they have a top notch bottling station right there for the picking. What were we thinking!!!

I guess you could say we don’t like making things easy for ourselves, but really it’s more about going ahead with our vision when we started – which is to focus on cans as a format, for reasons we might outline in an upcoming blog post.

But hey, we got there in the end and we hope you will like it too. Now I will stop my ramblings about our ‘struggle’ and leave it to Byron our head Deviant to tell you more about what’s gone into it and what to expect when you crack one open.


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