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We’re finally moving in

December 6th, 2017

When about a year ago we were talking about starting a brewery we already had a very specific spot in Hackney eyed up. The plan at the time was to have our launch party at the beginning of July last summer.

Like many plans past and present though, that didn’t quite workout the way the way it was meant to. BUT, we’re now very excited to be able to announce we’ve finally got the keys to our own space.

Construction work has already started,  and our 10bbl kit which we got from Oban in Scotland is due to delivered in a few weeks time. Wahey!!!! It’s starting to feel a lot like x-mas and we can’t wait to get our mitts on our shiny oversized beer making machine. All things going well, we will have time to get one brew in before the end of the year.

Talking about beers, initially we’re going to focus on replenishing our stock of core range beers because we’re running really low. Then it will finally be time to start introducing some new beers, which you will be able to get first at our taproom. Watch this space for some hearty winter beers to pour down your gullet.

Speaking of taproom. That will open officially some time in the new year, but maybe sooner depending on how things go. We’ve also got a massive yard where we’re looking forward to hosting  hosting events and will be joined up by some of our Hackney friends to bring their most awesome food to enjoy with our beers. Plans are still loose for that, so get in touch if you think you’ve got something to bring to the table and reading this.

So where in Hackney is your brewery I hear you say? We’re going to be a few minutes walk from Hackney Central station on Nursery Road.  In good company too with the likes of Pressure Drop and St John of Hackney breweries just up the road.

That’s that for now and follow us on Instagram @deviantanddandy where we will be sharing the latest going-ons with opening the brewery

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